We have a dedicated litigation team that represents our clients in all courts and tribunals including the Magistrates Courts, High Court, Court of Appeal, and Supreme Court. We diligently and loyally represent our clients, be they plaintiffs, defendants, claimants, respondents, appellants, petitioners. We represent our clients in all areas of law. Our services include:

Preparation of pleadings including claims, plaints, defences, petitions, originating summons, notices of motions, grounds of opposition, replying affidavits,

Legal advice in relation to cases

Appellate advice, stays, and appellate litigation

Interlocutory applications, reliefs, remedies and defence to interlocutory applications

Judgments, decrees, execution, stays

Court attendance

Criminal defence, litigation and legal advice to clients charged with crimes

Civil and commercial litigation in commercial disputes

Contentious Probate litigation

Judicial review and administrative law

Competition law litigation

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